Free online data storage sites

There are several free online data storage sites which can serve as good backup alternatives for your personal or business files. There’s really not much difference between a paid and a free service except for the storage space allotted for each user or account. Free accounts usually offer space and bandwidth between 500MB to 2GB. And this allotment is more than enough if you are planning to upload and keep document, spreadsheet, or small-sized files.

Some examples of free data storage sites include:

With the aid of cloud technology, there are several sites capable of offering free or limited data storage over the internet. But among the popular and highly noted ones include the following:

4Shared. 4Shared became popular because aside from its huge 5 to 10 GB free storage provision, users also enjoy the benefit of sharing uploaded files to specific users or to the general public.

Windows Live SkyDrive. Of course Microsoft won’t be absent in providing the latest cloud storage services. SkyDrive offers up to 7GB free space and this service can already be enjoyed even without installing a desktop client.

Dropbox. Another popular website offering free storage is Dropbox. The website is plain and simple to use and it offers up to 2GB server space. Data sharing is also possible with the site.

ADrive. Although ADrive’s services are not totally free, it is still one of the highly noted websites when it comes to online storage. The website offers 20GB free space during an account’s free-trial period.

Majority of the free online data storage sites not only offer free services. If you want to enjoy larger space and added functionalities, you may opt to sign-up for a paid storage account for a minimal monthly or annual charge.

Cheapest Online Storage

Almost everyone is now searching for the cheapest online storage alternatives that would serve as their on-the-go file and document drive. The good thing is that there are now several third party service providers making this possible. Since you are merely renting out the server space of these providers, prices are usually cheap. But aside from the paid online storage services, you may also want to take advantage of the free-of-charge alternatives.

Paid Alternatives

As mentioned above, there are few limitations of the free storage services. Among these include the limited storage space and the absence of data back-up service. The solution is to choose the paid online storage services. With a paid subscription, the user will generally have; full control over any designated space, will enjoy larger storage spaces, added layer of security, instant customer support, and extra features and functionalities. Among the cheapest online storage services available today include Backblaze, Carbonite, MyPCBackup,, and Dropbox. Prices usually start from around $3 a month. But for you to save more on costs, it is recommended to opt for the quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly subscription